Sunday, February 26, 2017

Founded as Maritime Livestock Board in 1927 and incorporated as Maritime Co-operative Services Ltd. On June 29, 1944, the co-operative federation and wholesaler changed its name to Co-op Atlantic in 1977. Co-op Atlantic provides agricultural, energy and social housing/real estate services to organizations and businesses in communities in the Atlantic region. Co-op Atlantic's governance structure consists of 8 distinct zones, each of which elects a director to the Board. These zones cover Newfoundland and Labrador; Prince Edward Island; Cape Breton; Mainland Nova Scotia; Southeastern New Brunswick and Northern Nova Scotia (English-speaking zone); Southwestern New Brunswick; Southeastern New Brunswick (French-speaking zone); and Northern New Brunswick. In the fiscal year ended January 2014, the total sales were $642 million. Food sales accounted for $267 million; agriculture sales amounted to $124 million; energy products represented $190 million in sales; and independent business sales were $61 million.

  • Operation of 22 Country Stores serving urban and rural customers across Atlantic Canada with feed and farm supplies. Also Country Garden centres at 11 locations.
  • Agriculture and nutrition specialists to serve our producers.
  • The operation of livestock and poultry feed mills located in Moncton, New Minas, Brooklyn, Truro and Mount Pearl.


  • Co-op Energy has been one of Atlantic Canada's leading providers of home comfort products and energy solutions.
  • Our Real Estate Division is a fully integrated developer of residential and commercial properties. Their experience ranges from developing neighbourhoods, retail facilities, condominiums and creation of housing for seniors and people with special needs. We have developed and managed more than 1,900 homes for market-based and social housing needs in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.