Co-op Atlantic originated when a group of producers decided to band together and create a stronger economic proposition for themselves and the region through co-operation.

We work closely with our Co-op Country Store retails and Atlantic farmers to ensure that we are providing producers with the information, products and service they require. We provide the products (feed, seed, farm equipment, etc) that our farmers require to run a successful business.

Our knowledgeable Feed Representatives and Animal Nutritionists are always available to help our agriculture customers customize feeding programs to maximize the returns for their operations. Our team is committed to providing innovative feeding solutions based on the latest nutritional advances. Our four conveniently located feed mills take great pride in manufacturing and delivering top quality feed.

To further help our customers, our Agralab Plus has been providing feed testing and analytical services for over 40 years. The lab offers a full range of proximate analyses on complete feeds, feed ingredients and water.

Our Crop specialists work closely with producers and Co-op Country Stores to provide top quality products that ensure excellent crop performance, higher yields, and help boost their bottom line results. Our position as a world class, regional, integrated agri-food business, is focused on supporting Atlantic growth. We pride ourselves on being the leaders in developing, supplying and consulting on crop inputs and techniques.

Our Eastern and Western Brokerage departments offer full brokerage services to meet the needs of Co-op retail feed mills, producers and Co-op Country Stores. Quality feed starts with quality ingredients, and our purchasing department is committed to using local products and co-operating with local farmers. With our buying power, we are able to provide the latest market information on prices, products and availability.

Co-op Country Stores are leaders in their industry. Along with providing for all the farming needs of our producers, they also have complete lines of horse supplies, premium pet foods, pet supplies and wild birdseed. Co-op Country Stores are proud to offer top quality customer service and product knowledge; in fact, several of our locations offer a convenient drive-through service.

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